75 Vette - Cruise



Took the vette to a cruise night - lots of great old school low riders.  I admired the workmanship on these cars.  What really struck me as an east coast guy... how just about every car was bagged (air suspension) in the style of the low riders. This was not common on the east coast, so I was impressed.  They pull in and slam it to the ground, providing a wicked look to these monsters.  I also wonder if they still make garages that can fit these cars... think about it, a 1962 Chevy Impala was about 220" long or about 18 feet! 

Had a for sale sign on the vette.  Although I just received it, I think I need to trim down a bit before I decide to keep it ;)

Here is a shot of the car at sunset when I returned to my office...

sunset 20130510


some footage of the ride back...