A little Car Time

mike DiSabatino


I know... it is tax season and I should working constantly.... well, I think 16 hours a day is enough, so today I took my ride out and had some fun!  Arla was on hand to snap a few pics of me checking out the new 15 gal fuel cell that was installed a few weeks back.

I will finish off the trunk after tax season, so look forward to a few posts on how that goes.  Check out the video below ;)


  fuel cell

69 camaro trunk

In the video below I tried to capture the boost gauge for the 1st after the new interior.  You can get a glimpse in the upper left gauge when I shift to second and give it throttle... about 6lbs.  Max boost is 8lbs with this street set-up.  Rest of video... just having fun while running it easy to keep it together ;)  BE SURE TO WATCH IN IN 1080p HD by rolling over the video after it starts and clicking on the gear in the lower right corner of the video... then choose 1080p