DiSabatino and Steve the Woz Wozniak

Mike meets Steve "the Woz" Wozniak - founder of Apple Computer - courtesy of City National Bank.

WOW! It was a treat to be invited to a speaker's lecture featuring the Woz, and then to a meet and greet with some personal question time back in late October.  A big thanks to Nina, our branch manager at City National Bank who provided the connection, and who recently dropped off the photo that was taken.

The Woz... I was blown away by the stories of Steve's early life and the inception of Apple Computer.  This was a powerful lecture, as I had a seemingly direct connect with the Woz, as I was fortunate enough to have an Apple II computer back in the 80's.  It surely made me sit back and ponder the "what if" I was to market some of those early programs I did, what a different course life would have provided.  Woz explained his genius, and admitted he was very happy designing and building computer as a job, or a hobby....  It was Jobs that brought the business aspect to his work, and together... history was made!

If you want to be stunned for an hour or two... try and see one of the lecture by the Woz.  It will make you think...