Upholstery Upgrade - Day Three

IMG 0261

Today was day three for the new upholstery...  Highlights included:

 - Rear seat back formed.  The new seats will contain 2 speakers in the center.
 - New carpet came in.  A great charcoal thick Mercedes cut pile

I have to admit, the process is considerably more complex then I imagined.  Somehow I thought it was a simple removal of the current covers and a quick sew-up to recover... Seems that Jose at JB Custom Auto Upholstery really knows his stuff, and will not produce an inferior job!  I am starting to understand why he was priced a bit higher then several of the others upholsterers I had quotes from.  Since the car is 30+ years old, the back seat springs were not in the best of shape, so in order to meet my request of a custom rear seat with speakers, Jose is reforming the back in wood, then foam on the sides to create one seat on each side.  In the center he made a nice speaker box built right in the seat back, which can be seen in the images.