I was going to hit up a local show today, but had to work... Probably would have worked into the morning and still hit the show, but I also had a a potential buyer for the 67 Firebird (pictured here) scheduled to come buy at 10am.  The buyer decided to call at 11am to sy he didn't want to sit in the propbable traffic he would encounter.  I can understand the not wanting to sit in traffic, but these tire kickers are a pain in the ass, since they don't have the courtesy to call early... or at least before they were intending to be here.  They were probably to busy sleeping...

The good new, I took the Firebird out and may just keep it and go Pro-Street on it this coming winter.  I love the car the way it is, but it is a driver, not a show car.  I figure...

  • $5,000 on fresh paint - body is clean and won't need much prep.
  • $5,000 on interior upgrade to custom leather
  • $5,000 on 4 wheel disks, tubular control arms, sway bars, 4 link in the rear and coil overs from CPP

All that and I would have a show quality car that can do some track time as well!  and the improvements should result is a car that would sale for my investment... not profit, but it would be a solid $35,000+ car that the market would sure pay for.

Here is a quick video of me coming back from breakfats after getting stood up :(


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