3430 p43 l1

So, I was saying in my June post... I wanted a car that was over the top and not having my mind wonder about all I could "invest in it."  Then I mentioned I was shopping and looking at cars... Well, I was on the Internet and coincidentally saw this car.  Sure looks like a Camaro... something like a 68 or 69 RS front grill.  The I saw the back3430 p43 l1.  Well, that looks more like a 70's Camaro back?  Oh yeah, all that observation was after I drooled over the blower (supercharger) peeking through the hood.

It turns out this car was at a museum and was a true conversation piece.  Here is a quick run down... just click an image and you will be taken to the cars page.

Bottom line... I purchased the car and it is on its way here.

More to come about this interesting ride soon...