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I decided to undertake a vanity site... a site that is not to generate business, but for information only.  This site is dedicated to my passion for muscle bikes, or old (read retro) superbikes.  I concentrate on the late seventies to early eighties litre bikes... KZ1000 primarily with a splash of Honda CBX and CB750F.  These bikes were the kings of the street and strip when I was king (of my little world... inside my head). 

Today, I am now king, still in my own little world that resides in my head, and have added to a collection of scrap bikes that keep my sane when work has me feeling insane!

I trust you enjoy the site.

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I went to the local - Newbury Park - Coachman cruise night on Sat...
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Danielle was a great model for a shoot with the 71 Corvette. ...
2013-07-01 - Newsflash


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